Parking structures made easier and simpler.
CEC does it through the use of "Parking Layout" and "PCPACK" softwares developed by experienced structural engineers and experts in the field.

Parking Structure Design
The complete design of parking structure involves everything from layout to erection. The complete parking structure design software consists of three parts:
  • Parking Layout
  • Shop Drawings
Parking Layout
The purpose of Parking Layout is to decide the total layout of the parking garage. This software determines the best-fit layout within the provided plot area. Depending on the structural and functional differences, this software provides the facility for designing three different types of layout models:
  • Single Threaded Helix - Two Way
  • Double Threaded Helix - Two Way
  • Double Threaded Helix - One Way
Parking Layout provides full flexibility to the user while deciding the layout, and the user has full freedom to change or modify the layout, or its elements. Parking Layout is a fully customized and specialized tool for the quick layout design of parking structures.
Please NOTE: The software is currently under development and will be available on the site shortly. However, to know more about the software, please download the Powerpoint Presentation Demo.

The purpose of PCPACK is to design each precast and prestressed element in the parking structure. All the members in the parking structure are designed using PCPACK in the background. Generally, these elements are; Double Tee Slabs, L-Beams, Inverted Tee Beams, Wall Panels, Shear Walls, Ramp Walls, Corbels, Columns, Foundations, Connections and others. PCPACK takes the required input data for design and shows the relevant output in text and graphics forms.
To know more about PCPACK software and to get on-line design FREE OF COST, please click here : E-Concretedesign Web Site

Shop Drawings
The Shop Drawings include the details of all the members in the parking structure. The purpose of the Shop Drawings is to provide full details about precast and prestressed members to the manufacturers, so that the required members can be constructed easily.
Please NOTE:We will shortly be developing a software to design shop drawings. To get more information / details please contact CEC.
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